The art of hat making according to the English tradition. A feeling that leads to the creation in detail, in the thread of precision. A handmade piece that interprets a romantic lifestyle. An elegance which is represented by its colors and finishes. This is Nadine's hat.

NadineMillinery is a brand that started off initially making children hats & accessories. In 2016 after several requests women designs were introduced which developed into romantic bridal hats & headpieces. Nadine picked up her love for hats while living in the UK where there is a variety of great headpieces made by English milliners. She attended millinery courses in England and France, where she learned in a traditional way to turn fabrics into charming hats which are made from her studio in a small town at the "Lago Maggiore". All the hats are her own designs, they are completely handmade, using steam to mould the material on a wooden hat block, once dried they are taken off the hat block, stiffened and/or wired to hold its shape. Colors and embellishments are carefully chosen, the flowers used are hand cut, stiffened and beautifully hand shaped into form. Important to her is to work with the best quality materials such as velour felt, straw, silk and lace, paying attention to detail and sartorial precision, from which she creates all by hand these romantic, elegant headpieces. Different shapes and styles are offered, combining passion, taste and experience also based on customers requests and desires, to make any piece unique.

The logo "hummingbird", the hummingbird has a beautiful spiritual meaning, they light up our heart, have a special way of teaching us to move beyond time and to fully center our presence and awareness in the moment that is now.  Living a life filled with joy, light and sweetness.



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